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Handwoven circular wreaths - please select your size.


The wreaths are very strong but will have a little flex to them when they arrive - this is because they are generally freshly made to order and are still drying out. They can be used straight away though.


Customers usually like to hang the wreaths horizontally like a floral chandelier. We don't attach fixing points as standard but there are gaps in the weave for threading through wire or some people use chains or rope wrapped around the wreath.


We tend to insert a thin metal inner ring into our wreaths 1m diameter and above as standard. If you would like 4 metal fixing hoops welded to the inner metal that then poke up above the completed weave, please email me as this will be an additional cost of £30 and I can send you out an invoice.


A rough weight guide for the circular woven wreaths are as follows:

80cm  approx 1.8kg

90cm approx 2.2kg

100cm inc metal inner approx 3.4kg

120cm inc metal inner aprrox 5.3kg


Willow Circular Wreaths - Various Sizes

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